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If you are looking for The BEST battery backup sump pump system or Primary sump pump you have come to the right place! Along with backup systems Glentronics has matching batteries and a water alarm!

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PROTECT YOUR HOME from unwanted water with Basement Watchdog Battery Backup Sump Pumps and Primary Sump Pumps!
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Why do I need
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Basement Watchdog Manuals

Glentronics has made manuals available for all of our products in PDF format. Should you encounter difficulty in downloading any of these files, please let us know so we can forward a copy to you immediately.

Basement Watchdog "Chrome Series" Primary AC Sump Pumps

Model # BW1033
Model # BW1050

Basement Watchdog "Green Line" Primary AC Sump Pumps

Model # BWT050
Model # BWT075
Model # BW1033
Model # BW1050

Basement Watchdog Dual Float Switch and Controller

Model # BWC1

Basement Watchdog Combo Sump Pump -Primary and Backup Sump Pump System

Model # DFK961
Model # BW4000
Model # BW4000 (Remote Terminal)

Basement Watchdog Big Dog Backup Sump Pump(AC/DC)

Model # BWD12-120C (Units with gray front panel)
Model # BWD12-120C (Units with black front panel)

Basement Watchdog Special Backup Sump Pump

Model # BWSP (Serial #’s above 93000)
Model # BWS-12A (Serial #’s below 93000)
Model # BWSP (Remote Terminal)
Model # BWSL

Basement Watchdog Emergency Backup Sump Pump

Model # BWE (Units with silence switch on front panel)
Model # BWE (Units without silence switch on front panel)
Model # BWEL

Basement Watchdog Batteries

Battery Install

Basement Watchdog Water Alarm

Model# BWD-HWA

Watchdog Brochure

Watchdog Brochure

To view the product information, you will need to have the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader installed on your computer.
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