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If you are looking for The BEST battery backup sump pump system or Primary sump pump you have come to the right place! Along with backup systems Glentronics has matching batteries and a water alarm!

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PROTECT YOUR HOME from unwanted water with Basement Watchdog Battery Backup Sump Pumps and Primary Sump Pumps!
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Why do I need
a battery backup
sump pump?
Basement Watchdog - Big Dog The Big Dog is the top of the line battery backup sump pump system. If you are looking for the best protection this is the product for you!
Model # BWD12-120C
Pumps 2200 GPH @ 10-ft lift to empty the sump pit in seconds (3500 GPH @ 0-ft lift)
Computer-operated controller monitors the battery, and power conditions. It also runs the pump once per week to ensure operation when you need it
Indicator lights let you know the percentage of charge remaining in battery
Powerful 20-amp charger recharges the battery quickly and shuts off completely to prolong the life of the battery
User-friendly controller sounds an alarm, illuminates a warning light, and describes what to do for easy maintenance
Runs without discharging the battery when the power is on
It is possible to double the run time of the Big Dog by hooking up two batteries in parallel (to order the necessary cables, call the service department at 1-800-991-0466, option 3)

Monitors battery, power and pump activity and sounds an alarm when it detects the following situations:

  • The battery fluid level is low (add water to the battery)
  • The battery is discharged or defective (recharge or replace the battery)
  • The AC power was interrupted (check the circuit breaker & connections)
  • Pump failure (check backup pump)
  • The pump was activated (check the main pump for failure)
  • Battery is hooked-up in reverse

Includes a dual float switch for added redundancy and protection

Float switch only needs to move 1/4" to activate the pump

See the comparison sheet for more features.
Requires the Basement Watchdog 7.5 Hour Standby Deep Cycle Battery to operate up to 7.5 hours continuously. (Sold separately)
2 Year Warranty
Extended Warranty Available (Click Here)
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Purchase a basement watchdog battery backup sump pump today!
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