Connected Pumps

Enabling the Consumer to be Alerted Remotely

The Basement Watchdog Connected Pump – Multi-Technology Solution

It is now possible to remotely monitor and receive notifications on the status of your Basement Watchdog Backup or Combo System. Our comprehensive approach gives you the choice and flexibility not found in other systems. 

There are 2 ways to connect:
  • Basement Watchdog CONNECT® and the USB Data port – plug your Basement Watchdog Backup or Combo system in to one of the Basement   Watchdog CONNECT® Modules that either links to your home Wi-Fi or Home Automation System. Receive texts, email or in App notifications
  • Remote Terminal – pair of dry contacts can connect to existing security systems, auto dialers or other external devices

Basement Watchdog CONNECT® with USB Data Port:

  • Connect the Backup or Combo System to a Basement Watchdog CONNECT® Module via USB cable
    • The Basement Watchdog CONNECT® module now acts a gateway to the internet
  • 2 modules currently available
    • Basement Watchdog WiFi Module links to a Wi-Fi router and will send email, texts or in App notifications with the Basement Watchdog App  
    • Basement Watchdog Home Automation Module links to a home automation system via Z-Wave plus technology allowing the Basement Watchdog to integrate into your existing home automation system
  • Conveys which alert has been activated or what maintenance might be needed

Basement Watchdog CONNECT® is currently available on the following systems:

BW_BU_Big_Dog       BW_BU_Special       BW_Big_Combo


Remote Terminal:

  • Connects to optional Basement Watchdog CONNECT® Modules
  • Allows older model Basement Watchdog systems to alert remotely
  • Allows for connection to other dry-contact based devices



BW_WiFi_Module_3D_angle   CONNECT Home Automation Module

Model No. BW-WIFI


  • Communicate with compatible Basement Watchdog systems through your home Wi-Fi
  • Receive notification of current pump status, via email, text or app
  • NO monthly or yearly fees or subscriptions
  • Basement Watchdog mobile app COMING SOON!

Model No. BW-HZM


  • Connect to compatible Basement Watchdog systems
  • Notification of current pump status, via push notification or text
  • Connection Flexibility