PROTECT YOUR HOME from unwanted water
    with Basement Watchdog Battery Backup
         Sump Pumps and Primary Sump Pumps!

Basement Watchdog Big Dog Backup System - Top of the Line

    System Features and Benefits
  • Pumps 2200 GPH @ 10-ft lift to empty the sump pit in seconds (3500 GPH @ 0-ft lift)
  • Automatically activates when power fails, main pump fails or water volume exceeds the capacity of the main AC pump
  • Both Primary and Backup pumps can run simultaneously when water overwhelms the pumping capacity of the main AC pump
  • User-friendly controller sounds an alarm, illuminates a warning light, and describes what to do for easy maintenance
  • Controller runs pump weekly to make sure system operates correctly
  • Indicator lights let you know percentage of charge remaining in battery
  • Powerful 20-amp charger recharges the battery quickly and shuts off completely to prolong the life of battery
  • Runs without discharging the battery when the power is on
  • Double the run time of the Big Dog by hooking up two batteries in parallel - click here for more information
    Controller Features:
    Monitors battery, power and pump activity. Sounds an alarm when it detects the following situations:
  • The battery fluid level is low (add distilled water to the battery)
  • The battery is discharged or defective (recharge or replace the battery)
  • The AC power was interrupted (check the circuit breaker & connections)
  • Pump failure (check backup pump)
  • The pump was activated (check the main pump for failure)
  • Battery fuse has blown
  • Battery is hooked up in reverse
  • Pump
  • Battery box
  • Dual float switch
  • Control unit with fluid sensor
  • Battery cap to accommodate fluid sensor


Included with System

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