The Watchdog Story

alan1As told by the owner and inventor, Alan Schulman
Prior to inventing the Basement Watchdog, I was the owner of a Chicago area battery distributorship. We sold all types of batteries including automotive and marine models. Many of the marine batteries were used to power backup sump pumps. 

Some customers who purchased marine batteries for their backup pumps, returned them years later, disappointed that their basement had flooded. After analyzing the problems, it was clear that over the years the homeowner had not properly maintained the battery's fluid level, nor had they properly cleaned corrosion from the terminals. They'd killed the battery! I saw the need for a battery backup system that would alert the homeowner when problems arose or maintenance was needed. 

alan2The result was the Basement Watchdog Big Dog (AC/DC), a system that would monitor the battery, pump and power conditions, and sound an alarm when maintenance was needed. This system monitors many things including: low battery fluid, discharged battery, pump failure and much more. In 1989, after three years in development, the first system was sold to a local hardware store.

It wasn't long before homeowners started telling their neighbors, family and friends how the Basement Watchdog had saved their basement. The word began to spread, and so did our distribution outlets. There is no better advertising than word of mouth, and that is exactly what paved the way for Watchdog success. Today, the Basement Watchdog systems can be found in stores all across the US. 

I believe strongly in improvement, and through the years Glentronics has created new backup systems, as well as continuing to upgrade existing systems. Currently we have three battery backup systems, the Basement Watchdog Big Dog (AC/DC), the Basement Watchdog Special, and the Basement Watchdog Emergency systems. We also carry two batteries made specifically to match our backup systems.

Through innovation and dedication, we have led the way in battery backup sump pumps and will continue to take this knowledge to the world of primary sump pumps. In 2005 we introduced a new line of energy efficient sump pumps, leading the industry in green technology. Two years later, driven to the creation of reliable and unique products for homeowners, Glentronics came out with the first combination sump pump system, a primary pump and a backup pump, pre-assembled, making installation quick and easy.

Over the years it has been extremely gratifying to hear from satisfied Watchdog owners who have been saved from flooding by our products. I am always thrilled to hear their stories. Everyone here at Glentronics shares my excitement and pride in our products. In the upcoming years, I look forward to bringing more products to market that will provide security and peace of mind to homeowners. 

Alan Schulman