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If you are looking for The BEST battery backup sump pump system or Primary sump pump you have come to the right place! Along with backup systems Glentronics has matching batteries and a water alarm!

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PROTECT YOUR HOME from unwanted water with Basement Watchdog Battery Backup Sump Pumps and Primary Sump Pumps!
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Why do I need
a battery backup
sump pump?

Why use a battery backup sump pump?
There are many things that can go wrong down in the sump pit to cause basement flooding. It can be a power outage, a failed sump pump, a stuck float switch or a sump pump that cannot keep up with the inflow of water. By using a battery backup sump pump your basement will remain dry during any of these occurrences.

Why use a Basement Watchdog?
Most backup systems fail because the battery is dead and you don't know it. Basement Watchdog systems are the only ones that monitor the battery, power conditions and pump, then sound an alarm when maintenance is needed.

What does the Basement Watchdog system monitor?
The Basement Watchdog systems monitor:

  • Pumping conditions
  • Battery power
  • Battery fluid levels
  • Power conditions
  • And many more

For a complete comparison of the three Basement Watchdog systems please see our comparison chart or click on the model below to see detailed descriptions of each system.


Basement Watchdog Big DogBasement Watchdog SpecialBasement Watchdog Emergency
Basement Watchdog Big Dog
Basement Watchdog Special
Basement Watchdog Emergency

PDF Watchdog Brochure

Which Basement Watchdog battery backup sump pump system should I use?
There are three models of battery backup sump pumps to choose from. Things that should be considered are:

  • Pumping capacity
  • Charger strength
  • Monitoring features

Click on any of the three models above to explore their features or click here for a comparison of all three systems.

What is included?
All three of our battery backup sump pumps include:

  • Pump
  • Controller / charger
  • Float switch
  • Battery box (battery sold separately)
  • Detailed instruction manual

Can I Install a Basement Watchdog battery backup sump pump myself?
Yes! The Basement Watchdog systems come with a detailed manual that includes dozens of photographs making them easy to install. The installation is extremely simple and requires only a small amount of time. Along with the manual we have a toll free phone number (800-991-0466) with professionally trained representatives waiting to help you.

Click here to download the manuals.

PDF Watchdog Brochure

Purchase a basement watchdog battery backup sump pump today!
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