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If you are looking for The BEST battery backup sump pump system or Primary sump pump you have come to the right place! Along with backup systems Glentronics has matching batteries and a water alarm!

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PROTECT YOUR HOME from unwanted water with Basement Watchdog Battery Backup Sump Pumps and Primary Sump Pumps!
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Why do I need
a battery backup
sump pump?
The right battery for the right application
Basement Watchdog batteries are standby batteries. They are made to be drained and recharged, and they will last longer and perform better than automotive or deep cycle batteries in a backup application. Do not use a maintenance-free or sealed battery with Basement Watchdog products.
Basement Watchdog batteries have a unique construction that enables them to:
Run our sump pumps longer...for more hours per charge
Remain viable for more years...normally five to seven years
Accommodate the battery fluid sensor


7.5 Hour Battery

Emergency Battery
7.5 Hour Battery
Model # 24EP6
Model # 30HDC140S
  • Will run the Emergency Sump Pump System for 6 hours continuously, which is day of intermittent use
  • Will run the Basement Watchdog Special and A/C-D/C Sump Pump Systems for 7.5 hours continuously which is days of intermittent use
  • Not recommended for use with other Basement Watchdog Special or Big Dog
  • Will run the Emergency Sump Pump System for 12 hours continuously
  • 1 year free replacement
  • 1 year free replacement

The Basement Watchdog sump pump systems have a special battery cap which holds the battery fluid sensor at the correct height to measure the liquid level in the battery. This sensor can be used with Basement Watchdog Batteries, but not with other batteries.

It is important to keep batteries properly filled. About 80% of battery failures are due to low fluid levels.

Purchase a basement watchdog battery backup sump pump today!
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