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Basement Watchdog Primary AC Sump Pumps - Green Line

    Energy efficient pump, uses as low as 3.5 AMPS
  • Compare to 10+ AMPS on other pumps
  • Pump will pay for itself in energy savings
    Dual float switches with protective cage
  • 2 floats for added redundancy
  • Won't get "hung up"
  • Protective cage prevents debris or wires from interfering with float operation
    Industrial strength - Built to last
  • Dual ball bearings
  • Permanent split capacitor motor
  • Dual shaft seals to protect the motor
  • Water cooled
    Not all sump pumps are created equal
  • All Basement Watchdog AC pumps are rated for continuous duty - built to run continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Durable and reliable
  • Used intermittently in a sump application, extends the life of the pump

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Not All Sump Pumps Are Created Equal

    Why Basement Watchdog Green Line pumps?
  • Protect your basement
  • Saves you money
  • Helps the environment
    All Basement Watchdog Green Line pumps are rated for continuous duty:
  • Durable and reliable
  • Built to run continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Used intermittently in a sump application, extends the life of the pump
    What are important qualities needed for a sump pump?
    Efficiency, Performance, Reliability and Security are traditionally essential. In today's age, when evaluating a sump pump, homeowners find two important factors more specific: Energy Efficiency and Pumping Power.
    Why are homeowners interested in energy efficiency?
    They want the sump pump that's going to save them money on their electric bills and reduce the effect on the environment. Responding to these challenges, Basement Watchdog AC sump pumps are engineered with energy efficient PSC motors that deliver industry-leading savings. The average cost savings earned when using a BW1033 1/3 HP sump pump is $60.44 per year* and the BW1050 1/2 HP savings is $63.47 per year, meaning these pumps basically pay for themselves!
    Why is pumping power so important?
    Homeowners demand performance. They want the sump pump that's going to pump the most water to keep their basements dry. And with an impressive 2600 GPH (gallons per hour at 10' lift) for the BW1033, and 3200 GPH for the BW1050, these pumps can be counted on to keep the water out of the basement!
    What makes Basement Watchdog so reliable?
    Basement Watchdog sump pumps are made with a rugged construction, ensuring your pump will last under the wettest conditions. The patented dual float switch is the most dependable float switch in the industry. It incorporates not one, but two floats mounted within a protective cage providing double the reliability and security required by consumers.
    All Basement Watchdog pumps come with industrial strength features:
  • Energy saving permanent split capacitor motor
  • Water-cooled design
  • Dual ball bearings for quiet operation
  • Dual float switches ensure activation
  • Dual shaft seals to protect the motor
For Efficiency, Performance, Reliability and Security, there's only one:
The Basement Watchdog

*Based on an average sump pump run time of five minutes per hour for one year. The BW1033 uses 3.5 AMPS @ 10'. The estimated industry average is 9.5 AMPS. Average electric cost per kilowatt-hour is $0.12