PROTECT YOUR HOME from unwanted water
    with Basement Watchdog Battery Backup
         Sump Pumps and Primary Sump Pumps!

Basement Watchdog Standby Batteries
The right battery for the right application

    System Features and Benefits:
    Why Basement Watchdog?
  • Basement Watchdog batteries are stand-by batteries - made to be drained and recharged
  • Will last longer and perform better than automotive or deep cycle batteries in a backup application
  • Basement Watchdog backup and combo systems include a special battery cap to accommodate battery fluid sensor
  • Very high reserve capacity; can run the Basement Watchdog backup systems continuously for hours or intermittently for days
    Unique Construction
  • Heavy duty plates store more energy and provide longer run times
  • Standby construction allows the battery to last longer
  • Remains viable for years
  • Accommodates the Basement Watchdog sump pump fluid sensor which sounds an alarm when water is needed
    Easy to fill
  • Shipped dry and vacuum-sealed to retain freshness until activation (battery acid sold separately)

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