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Remote Terminal

Remote Terminal
       Keeping You Connected!

In the age of information and technology, immediate notification has become an important component of everyday life. The Remote Terminal allows for a lot of flexibility, with different ways to get an alert message from your backup system. Simple installation requires only a pair of wires to connect to a home security system, auto dialer or other device. As technology keeps changing, the Remote Terminal adapts with it.
    Included with Models:
  • Basement Watchdog Battery Backup Special Plus (BWSP)
  • Basement Watchdog Big Combo (BW4000)
  • Utilizes existing system for sending alerts
  • Adding sensors generally doesn't increase monitoring costs
  • Only needs 1 pair of wires to be installed from pump to security system
  • Security systems work when the power is out as they're generally backed up
  • Inexpensive!
  • Easy to connect when phone line is present
  • Works during power outage - Most dialers include 9V battery backup which will allow dialer to work when power is out since land lines typically operate during power outages
  • Watchdog Remote Terminal is compatible with most dialers
  • Compatible module to connect to select Basement Watchdog systems
  • ConnectSense is simple to set up and use, so you can start monitoring your dry contacts within minutes
  • Doesn't require any gateways or additional hardware - all you need is your own wireless router, so there's no extra hassle or cost
  • The devices you need to monitor aren't always near power - this battery option gives you the freedom to go where other sensors can't
  • Sensor is built with mounting holes for permanent installation and come with industrial-strength Velcro for temporary applications